About Us

The congregation of Good Shepherd began its life as a subsidized “package mission” of the American Lutheran Church in 1970. In 1971, a mission developer named Reverend Charles Evavold recruited members for the mission for 8 years. After Reverend Evavold’s 8 year tenure, Philip Borleske became the second pastor and served 6 years.

Good Shepherd is a warm, caring community of believers centered in Christ in Janesville, WI. We are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) and are part of the South Central Synod of Wisconsin.

2023 Church Council
President: Dianne Punzel
President-Elect: Syd Rauworth
Secretary: Gloria Oleston
Treasurer: Reggie Hare
Care/Concern: Kris Arneson
Parish Education: Sandy Wing
Property/Grounds: Terry Seltz
Stewardship: Chad Nelson
Worship/Music: Tami Schoeller

Pastor Michael Rahlf

My name is Reverend Michael Rahlf, but people usually call me Pastor Mike. I was born in Platteville, Wisconsin. My family moved to Dubuque, Iowa when I was a small boy and was very involved in our local church growing up. I attended Camp Ewalu in Strawberry Point and later served there as a camp counselor. I am a second career pastor that had several other jobs previously including CNA, making custom windows, and was a salesman for Coca Cola. I attended Clarke College where I majored in religious studies. I then attended Wartburg Seminary where I received a master’s in divinity degree. As a part of my seminary career, I interned for a year at First English Lutheran Church in Platteville, which is the church I was baptized in. I was in charge of campus ministry as well as serving the congregation in my time there. Another important experience in seminary, was spending a winter term in Israel during my senior year. I was able to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and was very formative for me. I taught confirmation class prior to and during seminary and was involved in an ecumenical Emmaus community for many years in Dubuque. Upon graduation, I was called to serve Our Savior’s and Zion Lutheran Churches in Radcliffe, Iowa. One of my accomplishments there was helping implement a community garden where much of the harvest is donated to local food pantries. I am steeped in Lutheran theology and love Bible studies, derive energy from the youth, am passionate about social and justice issues, and am grounded in Christ and Christ crucified.

Music Director ~ Charlotte Hawley

Music Director Charlotte Hawley is responsible for all music of the church. She is the organist, directs the choir, performs and arranges special music for services, as well as helps with music for weddings and funerals. Charlotte is adept at almost any variety of music. Charlotte lives in the Janesville area.

Office Manager ~ Lori Weber

Lori has been our office manager since 2017. She has a background in the field of information technology, with experience in graphic design. She lives in the Janesville area.