Temporary Worship Service Schedule

Blessings everyone!

Just a note to keep you updated as to goings on around here. You should be (or already have) received a letter as to our needed changes at Good Shepherd during this time of “safer in your home” mandates. But I wanted to once again, explain what is going on during Holy Week.

1) The temporary services will continue until we are allowed to congregate in mass again.

2) All services can be found on this website. So you can hear God’s Word in the midst of this crisis.

3) Passion/Palm Sunday, will be a Temp service. Available on Sunday morning. Available here, on the website. And available for small gatherings by appointment. Again, we are trying to avoid larger gatherings.

4) Maundy Thursday service is canceled. Foot washing at this time would be a bad choice. And again, social and physical distancing remain a priority.

5) Good Friday service will be online only. We are recording it ahead of time so that you might view it on that day.

6) Easter Sunday celebrations are postponed. As every Sunday during the pandemic, it will be a temp service instead. Also available online or by appointment.

7) We will celebrate Easter including the breakfast and proclaiming the risen Lord when we are able to congregate in mass once again. When that happens, let’s make it a celebration to remember!

8) Finally, for all who ordered flowers for Easter, they can’t fill the order. If you would like a refund, please contact me and we will make it happen. It is unfortunate, but out of our control.

Peace to you all, be safe, and God be with you till we meet again.

Pastor Mike